Twitch Game Rewards Platform

SenQuest: Dynamic Gaming Community Platform

SenQuest is an innovative web platform meticulously built from the ground up, seamlessly combining the versatility of WordPress with the integration of various APIs, including Discord, Twitch, and more. This project showcases the power of custom functionality, specially designed to work seamlessly within WordPress. SenQuest is all about providing a one-of-a-kind user experience that sets it apart in the digital world.

Key Features:
  1. • Twitch Watch Party Integration: SenQuest seamlessly tracks user watch time on specific Twitch streamers directly through the website. This innovative feature not only enhances user engagement but also rewards viewers for their loyalty.
  2. • Custom Wheel Spin: SenQuest offers users a tailor-made wheel spin system to redeem exciting rewards. This engaging feature retains users and boosts interaction on the platform.
  3. • Wallet Currency Management: Users can easily manage in-platform currency earned by watching streams with SenQuest's user-friendly wallet system. These earned currencies can be used for wheel spins and auctions and more, while adding gamification and excitement.
  4. • Exclusive Community Store: SenQuest allows users to exchange their tokens for community-donated Brawlhalla in-game items and more. This feature fosters a sense of community and encourages user contributions.
  5. • Intuitive Design (Ongoing): SenQuest's layout and design are meticulously crafted to provide an intuitive and visually appealing user interface. Every aspect of the user experience is thoughtfully designed for ease of use and aesthetic appeal. Please note that the design is currently in progress and subject to further refinement.
  6. • Twitch Chat Integration: The platform connects to Twitch streams as chat, tracking users' watch time on designated SenQuest streamers and converting it into tokens based on custom preferences.
  7. • Custom Twitch Games: SenQuest features custom Twitch games like Boss Battle, where users can join battles using their tokens, with winnings or losses reflected in their wallets.
  8. • Daily Leaderboard Rewards: Users with the most activity on the platform are rewarded with currency daily, instantly reflected in their wallets via a REST API connected to WordPress.
  9. • Discord Integration: In-progress development includes APIs for Discord, introducing mini-games and drops where users can engage and earn rewards directly on the website.
  10. • Public API: A public API connects all integral servers' data, serving it securely while protecting backend integrity from potential DDoS attacks, ensuring uninterrupted service.

SenQuest serves as a dynamic gaming community hub, where enthusiasts can enjoy rewards and engage with their favorite Senquest Twitch streamers.