eSports Coaching Platform 2.0 v2: eSports Coaching Platform is a dynamic website aimed at enhancing the Fortnite gaming experience for players by providing access to professional coaches to help improve their ranking. For version 2 of this project, the platform has been rebuilt using WordPress, making it more user-friendly for the owner who prefers the WordPress environment. Custom plugins have been developed to facilitate various functionalities:

  • • In-House Booking & Scheduling: Custom plugins have been created to enable in-house booking and scheduling functionalities, allowing users to easily schedule coaching sessions with available coaches.
  • • Payment Processing: Custom payment processing plugins have been integrated to facilitate secure transactions for coaching services, ensuring smooth and efficient payment processing for both users and coaches.
  • • Coach Management: Custom plugins have been developed for coach management, allowing the platform owner to easily manage and assign coaches to coaching sessions based on availability and user preferences.
  • • Custom Services: The platform offers custom coaching services tailored to the specific needs and requirements of individual users, with the ability to create and manage custom coaching packages.
  • • Custom Coach Services: Coaches can offer a variety of custom coaching services, including one-on-one sessions, group sessions, and specialized coaching packages, all managed through custom plugins.
  • • Custom Coach Pricing: Custom pricing structures have been implemented to allow coaches to set their own rates for coaching services, with flexible pricing options based on session duration, coaching type, and other factors.
  • • Discord Integrations: Discord integrations have been enhanced to facilitate seamless communication between users, coaches, and platform administrators, with features such as automated notifications, chatbots, and role management.
  • • Authentication & Session Management: Custom authentication and session management plugins have been developed to ensure secure user authentication and seamless session management across the platform, providing users with a smooth and hassle-free experience.